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More than 5000 different types of components developed for various industries

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Casting for Valves

We manufacture a wide range of high precision parts for valve applications and pipeline fittings field.
SHAL has professional expertise in supplying castings for valves conforming to all international specifications as (ASTM/BS/DIN/IS).

SHAL have veterans working who are experts in different valve types, pressure ratings, materials and specifications given by the customers. The Company's customers include leading valve manufacturers. SHAL has experience of producing valve castings up to 2700 KGS in the black, proof and finished machine condition.

The Company has achieved excellence in manufacturing pressure tight castings with total soundness, close dimensional tolerance, extraordinary surface finish etc. Assuring consistent quality by applying metal analysis, testing, maintaining consistent radiographic quality levels and ultrasonic examinations.

Valve castings for all types of valves: Gate valve castings, globe valve castings, Swing check valve castings, ball valve castings, and butterfly valve castings as per customer's specifications available in kinds of Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Monel Alloys & Nickel based Alloy Castings.

  • Pouring around 100+ various alloys
  • Special alloy castings grades can be developed as
    per the specific requirement of customer
  • Reliability - Prompt Delivery - Consistent Quality - Reasonable Rates