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More than 5000 different types of components developed for various industries


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Quality Control

  • Dye (Liquid) Penetrate Test-ASNT Level II
  • Magnetic Particles Testing-ASNT Level II
  • Ultrasonic test - outsourced
  • Radiography test-outsourced
  • Pickling
  • PAMI (Positive Alloy Material Identification)
  • Hydro Test
  • Image analyser for microstructure analysis
  • Qualified NDT Personnel (Level II)
  • Some of the tests include are as follows :
  • Raw material like scrap, Ferro alloys, sand etc.
  • Chemistry of all heats
  • Dimensional inspection of casting right from pattern stage through first sample to final stage inspection before dispatch.

Certificates according to third parties.

We, the manufacturer of ferrous castings, especially Steel, Stainless Steel & Nickel Based Alloys, are committed to enhance customer satisfaction by complying to the requirement of QMS and Continually improve it, meeting the International Standard.

Material can be dispatched only after acceptance of our chief of quality control with respect to above quality plan.

Quality Assurance Certificate

  • Pouring around 100+ various alloys
  • Special alloy castings grades can be developed as
    per the specific requirement of customer
  • Reliability - Prompt Delivery - Consistent Quality - Reasonable Rates