Casting The Future®
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More than 5000 different types of components developed for various industries

In-House Testing Facilities

We Also Have In House Testing Facilities Like :
  • Dye Penetration Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing and arrangement of radiographic testing, & ultrasonic testing from outside agency
  • Mechanical properties by 40 MT capacity UNIVERSAL TESTING MACHINE, Duly calibrated
  • HARDNESS testing by digital micro hardness tester
  • Bend testing
  • Dimensional inspection with templates, jigs & fixtures
  • Hydro testing up to 70 Kg / cm2

Testing Facilities

  • Spectrometer Model OES 5500 of SHIMADZU (ASIA PACIFIC) Pvt. Ltd., Japan with Fe, Ni & Cu base for testing of C, Si, Mn, Cr, Ni, Mo, Ti, V, W, S, P, Nitrogen and Niobium Channel (27 Channels) & other related elements.
  • Fully equipped Sand Testing Laboratory for checking its various parameters.
  • Well-equipped mechanical testing laboratory with machines like Rockwell Hardness Tester, Digital Micro Hardness Tester, Bend Test Machine & Universal Testing machine for checking physical properties like UTS, YS, Elongation etc.
  • Metallographic microscope for checking microstructure.
  • Pouring around 100+ various alloys
  • Special alloy castings grades can be developed as
    per the specific requirement of customer
  • Reliability - Prompt Delivery - Consistent Quality - Reasonable Rates