Casting The Future®
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More than 5000 different types of components developed for various industries

R & D Facilities

We have 200 kg induction furnace and 500 kg electrically operated heat treatment furnace of size 4'x 2'x 2' for our R & D activities. These are also used for high value and special metallurgy small batches of production.

Metallurgical Microscope Developing new metallurgy within stipulated delivery period is our strongest forte.

Research and Development

  • Extra low carbon stainless Steels : We have developed 0.03 max stainless Steels like CF3M, 904L.
  • Duplex stainless Steels : We have also developed duplex stainless Steels like CA6NM, CD4Mcu, 28/2 Cr-Mo Steel, 1.4539 , DIN 1.4122, DIN 1.4340, UNS 31803, ASTM A 890-3A & 4A, Nitronic 50, Nitronic 60 etc.
  • Marine service corrosion Resistant castings : We have developed corrosion resistant cast iron for marine services like Austenitic spheroidal graphite cast irons like Ni-resist D2, D2C AUS205 and others.
  • Hastelloy : We have developed Hastelloy B & C for handling highly corrosive chemicals.
  • Nickel castings : We have developed Ni castings as per CZ100 used for handling caustic soda and other chemicals.
  • Martensitic & Ferritic Steels : Grades like CA15(410), CC50, CB30 generally used in wear rings, seat rings and other trim materials in pumps & valves have also been developed. We have developed precipitation hardening steels like 17-4 pH, (CB 7 Cu 1)
  • Cryogenic Application : Grades LCB, LCC, CA6NM and other grades required for sub-zero temperature requiring impact testing at 27degree, -45degree C temperature have also been developed.
  • High Temperature Service Pressure Parts : Grades ranging WC1 to WC11and C5 to CA15 under from ASTM A217 are developed. These are required for high temperature service for pressure containing parts like pumps & valves.
  • Abrasion Resisting Steels And cast Irons : We have a long experience in producing complete range of Ni-Hard, high chrome Steels and cast iron required for slurry and ash slurry applications.

Technical Personnel

  • Organization is headed by our Managing Director (Mr. Dinesh B. Daga) who is well-qualified Chemical engineer having 27 years of foundry experience.
  • Our manufacturing Team having experience in developing special Steels and stainless Steels particularly for pump & valves industries. R & D production and Q.C. departments are manned by qualified and experienced engineers.
  • Pouring around 100+ various alloys
  • Special alloy castings grades can be developed as
    per the specific requirement of customer
  • Reliability - Prompt Delivery - Consistent Quality - Reasonable Rates